Chris McVilly

Roll Fab Pty Ltd was started as a consequence of Chris McVillys' 40 year experience in the steel fabrication industry and his idea that the demand for section curving of steel had not been fully catered for in Tasmania.

Previously there had not been a machine in Tasmania big enough to handle the type of steel sizes required.
Hobart engineers and architects were reluctant to design curved roofs and building shapes due to the prohibitive cost of transport, time delays to the mainland and back and the uncertainties of not being able to see the actual dimensions of the finished products.

In 2004 Chris McVilly imported a new $200,000 steel curving machine from Swedish company Roundo and subsequently started RollFab Pty Ltd.

Since then demand has grown steadily with a client base of over 80 businesses statewide.

The company is located in a purpose built factory at Rokeby and currently employs 4 staff with plans to employ apprentices next year.

Stainless Steel Flanges Ring Segment Stainless Steel Flanges

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